Bleach Instructions

When opening Bleach Powder hold away from face. Do not use on skin, scalp, eyelashes, or eyebrows. Do not use if scalp is irritated or broken. If skin irritation or eye contact occurs, flush with water. In case of eye contact or ingestion, contact a physician. Wear plastic gloves while using product. Do not Shampoo hair before bleaching. Always use bleach mixture immediately and discard any unused portion. Use plastic bowl to mix bleach. Do not use metal bowl. Do a strand test before application, only proceed if test was satisfactory. Wear a towel or cape during application, as product may bleach clothing. Keep product away from direct sunlight or heat. Keep away from children. If unsure of procedures or use of this product, do not proceed, contact Special Effects.

Mixing Instructions:
1. Put on enclosed gloves.
2. Pour approx. 1/2 bottle of the Peroxide in a plastic bowl (not provided), do not use metal bowl, then carefully open bleach packet and pour approx. 1/2 of bleach into bowl. Use the tint brush to mix until smooth and creamy. Now add the remainder of the Peroxide and Bleach powder and mix until smooth and creamy.
3. Apply mixture immediately.

1. Hair should be dry and unwashed. Wear towel or cape to protect clothing during application.
Using the brush, apply bleach mixture evenly to the hair you want to be bleached. Make sure all hair strands are evenly saturated, but not dripping, using brush or gloved fingers. You may mask hair you don't want to be bleached by using a highlight cap or foil.

3. Once mixture has been completely applied to hair, begin timing development. Check development of hair every 10 minutes to evaluate lift (color). To do this, take a few strands of hair and wipe away bleach with a damp paper towel, spread apart strands of hair, if desired shade has not been reached, reapply bleach mixture to that area and continue processing. During Lightening, hair goes through various stages until reaching desired lightness. Lightening time varies depending on natural hair color. The darker the hair, the longer the lightening time. The chart below shows the approximate time for various hair colors to achieve pale yellow. The bleach will continue to lighten hair for up to 2 hours if hair is resistant. Do not over bleach.

Washing Out:

Once desired shade has been reached, rinse bleach out of hair, shampoo thoroughly and condition. Natural Hair Color Approximate Timing.

1. Dark Blond 15 to 30 Minutes
Light Brown 25 to 35 Minutes
Medium Brown 30 to 45 Minutes
Dark Brown 45 to 60 Minutes


Hair Dye Instructions

1. Shampoo Hair without conditioning, then dry hair thoroughly.
2. Apply petroleum jelly around hairline and on ears.
3. Wear plastic gloves to avoid staining hands.
4. Empty desired amount into plastic bowl. (Approximately 1/2 bottle for short hair, 3/4 bottle for longer hair.)
5. Apply evenly with tint brush, just enough to saturate hair. Do not apply to scalp.
6. Comb through hair thoroughly and leave in hair for approximately 15-30 minutes.

7. Rinse dye away from face then shampoo as normal.

- Colors will be more intense and last longer on bleached hair. (May last 8 weeks or longer on bleached hair.)
- Colors will give a highlight effect to dark hair.
- Color fades gradually with each shampoo.
- Generally lasts 3 to 6 weeks depending on hair type.
For more information call: 321-952-8074.